A model based algorithm for automated analysis of real-time kinetic and thermodynamic analysis on microarrays

Real-time data acquisition of microarray hybridization kinetics and melting analysis has the potential to improve microarray technology in terms of quantitative analysis and specificity. Furthermore it generates valuable data for the understanding of nucleic acid hybridization.
Here we describe an algorithm for automated analysis of kinetic and thermodynamic datasets based on a nonlinear regression to simple physico-chemical models.


You can use this algorithm to start your own analysis. For this you only need a semicolon separated csv file with the data of the curves. Make sure that the first row contains the name of the spots for which you want to calculate the parameters. Also in the first column should be the time or temperature values and the data for the curves in the other columns. Here is an example of how the data can look like KineticExample.

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  • Why do I get a file saying "An error occurred while calculating the data. Please make sure you have written the csv file correctly."?
  • This happens when the data couldn't be calculated. Make sure you dont't have any free cells and any non numeric characters in the data apart from the first row.

  • Why do I always get the same results?
  • When you upload a file with the same name it is possible that overwriting the old file needs more time and you just get to see the old results. Try using a file with a different name.

  • Why does the analysis take so long?
  • The calculation needs its time. Try using less data by making a table with less columns.

  • Why does excel show the data in just one column?
  • Sometimes excel doesn't recognize semicolon as a delimiter. To change this mark the first column, click on the menu data -> text in column, than next and select the semicolon as delimiter.